Saturday, June 26, 2010


I finally decided to jump on the blogging band wagon. I am excited to share my recipes, house projects, outdoor projects, garden (what's left of it after this Texas heat), bargain shopping, and my stay home home mom stories!
Why "The Unexpected Housewife"? Grab a glass of wine -
I married my husband in September of 2006 after being engaged for a little over 6 months. We had an awesome wedding on Hilton Head Island. After the wedding married life began. My husband was in the Navy and it was time for me to leave my wonderful job, and the motherland...Texas. I put what I could in 3 bags and moved to Saratoga Springs, NY. I felt like a country girl going to a big city since it had been 10 years without crossing the Texas line. No more of moms cooking, late night talks with my baby sister, and no more Dad to run to when I needed car help.

After living in Saratoga Springs, Ny we moved to Silverdale, WA. No friends or family. I was completely alone when Justin went out to sea...except for my little Chihuahua Sal. After we got out of the Navy we got on the fast track to Texas...this time with 2 dogs, more stuff, and a baby on the way. Once Tyler arrived our "5 year plan" was no more. I quite my job and thought "I can do this!". Little did I know...
So, I am now a coupon clipping, have my own garden, baking and cooking from scratch, stay at home mom! I love this unexpected life!

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