Friday, June 10, 2011

Roasting A Red Bell Pepper

On our Krogering adventure today we found marked down peppers. When I find these deals I grab up what I can. I love the orange and red bell peppers. They are a treat for Ty and I, mostly because they are expensive and refuse to grow in my garden!

In my house we have all electric so that means no open flame to roast my pepper on. Now, I could go outside and crank up the gas grill but this involves going outside when it's 100. I'll pass. So this is how I roast my bell peppers on my electric stove can be done!

Start by cutting off the top and slice off a bit of the bottom of the pepper. Take out seeds and white stuff inside! Roll out and lay flat.

Heat up your pan and place the skin side down on the hot pan. Now let the heat do it's magic. Your house will start to smell awesome and you will hear the skin start to pop. It will blister and become black. This is exactly what you want!

When you have blacken skin on the pepper, throw it in a plastic zip lock bag or container. Leave it in there for about 15 minutes and let the heat do its magic. Then take out the pepper and remove the skin.

You can now chopped this up and add it to a sandwich, hummus, or salad. This is a cheap way to roast a pepper!

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